Finanzas en los productos

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Legal Issues
5.1 Taxes
5.2 Checking pricing
It will announce the suggested retail price for half of the media, taking into account anadequate margin percentage for our intermediaries, thus preventing the price of our product will increase to unreasonable costs and favorable to our company.
5.3 Restrictions on communication
Itprohibits the disclosure for any reason the content of our product prior to launch, and sold on the market.
5.4 Registration of the Mark
5.4.1 Royalties
Is a percentage that is agreed with theartist in this case has a rate of 36% of unit costs.
Stock Anti-Piracy Protection
Is a percentage that is agreed on the total monthly sales ASINCOL, in this case we take 20% of the value of unitcosts.
5.5 Consumer Protection Code

BUSINESS 4.3 Analysis .- This involves a review of sales, costs and profit projections for a new product, in order to find out if they meet the objectives of thecompany, otherwise the product can advance the product development stage . To calculate the sales, you should study the history of similar products and should make a survey of opinions of the market,sales should be calculated minimum and maximum risk assessment. Prepared sales forecast should estimate the costs and expected profits, they should include the costs of marketing, research anddevelopment, manufacturing, accounting, and then determine the breakeven point and return the product.
• Business Analysis
or roughly estimated selling price
or estimate the sales volume
or estimatethe benefits
Industrial Property Law .-
Legal framework.
"A trademark is any sign, or
any combination of signs,
used to distinguish
a product or service
others of the same type or class. "DISTINCTIVE words that apply to specific products or services.
NEW Not a copy or reproduction of any existing.
TRUTHFUL Without using misleading signs on the sale of goods or services.
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