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The United Nations Evolution
Established in a postwar world reeling from the shock of the Second World War, the United Nations hasplayed numerous roles in its short history. Initially, the UN was purely an international forum, a meeting place where dignitaries from around the world could meet to share grievances and mediateconflict. The UN differed from its predecessor, the League of Nations, in that it had a militarized arm. As a result of this small military it did not take long till the UN has found itself drawn intoconflict.
Since its founding, the UN has evolved into a sort of world police, a far venture from its original goal of facilitating peaceful international relations. Some argue that given the UN'sunique composition of many nations that its intervention is purely a representation of the general global will, especially in extreme cases that seem to demand military response, namely genocide. Thislogic, while at first glance seems justifiable. Genocide is an evil act that should be stomped out by all means necessary. But such acts by the UN, whether the world likes it or not, violate thesovereignty of the guilty nations, an act the UN charter specifically forbids.
In addition, the UN's military track record isn't without its own violations of human rights. UN peacekeepers are responsible fornumerous acts of forced prostitution, rape, and sexual slavery. Finally, deploying a military to stop genocide from taking place ignores the root cause of the problem. Defeating the perpetratorswouldn't kill the idea, no matter how many soldiers the United Nations had.
Collective security is the banding together of the world's states to stop an aggressor. The UN Security Council is such anexample of collective security. According to Chapter 7 of the UN Charter the Security Council has the authorization to use force against aggressor nations in the event of a diplomatic breakdown. This...
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