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Nombre oficial: República de Finlandia

Capital: Helsinki

Población total: 5.326.314

Moneda: euro

Idiomas oficiales: fines, sueco

Superficie: 337.030 ocupando el lugar número 63

Días festivos
|Holiday |Month in the Year |
|New Year |January 1 |
|Epiphany|January 6 |
|May Day |May 1 |
|Ascension Day |May 24 |
|All Saints Day |November 5 |
|Independence Day |December 6 |
|Christmas |December 25 |

Throughout the year,apart from Festivals, businesses are open at the following hours:

Throughout the year, apart from Festivals, businesses are open at the following hours:

Offices:    Mondays to Fridays:       08:00 - 16.15

Banks:     Mondays - Fridays:         09:15 - 16.15

Stores:    Mondays to Saturdays:   09:00 - 18:00
                          Saturdays:                      09:00 - 15:00           Comment: Large stores are open continuously throughout the day.

It is worth paying attention to the following points at business meetings in Finland:

• Men and women are recommended to dress smartly for business meetings.
      An invitation will indicate if the occasion demands a black tie.
• A handshake is the accepted custom at the start and end of a meeting.
• Do notbe surprised if the conversation is formal during the first minutes of a meeting with no "small talk".
      The atmosphere will thaw out later on.
• Most business people have a good command of English, and many of them speak German and Russian as well.
• Refrain from drinking alcohol before your Finnish colleague makes a toast.
• Business cards are customarily used.
•It is important to arrive for business meetings on time.
• Do not use first names until the acquaintanceship is on a more personal basis.
• It is recommended that you refrain from arranging business meetings in the months of July and August and close to the times of national holidays.

• Finland annual GDP real change

|Year |% change|
|2000 |5.2 |
|2001 |1.0 |
|2002 |2.1 |
|2003 |2.4 |
|2004 |3.5 |
|2005 |2.2|

Finland Taxes
Finland Income Taxes
Finland Exempt Income
Finland Tax Deductions
Finland V.A.T. and Other Taxes
Finland Company Formation

Finland income tax

In Finland Taxation of an individual's income is progressive. In other words, the higher the income, the higher the rate of tax payable. In 2009 the income tax rate (national tax) for an individual isbetween 7%-30.5%. In addition to direct taxation there is also municipal tax in Finland. This tax is payable by an individual on his or her income and it fluctuates between 16% - 21% depending on the municipal authority. Church tax of 1%- 2.25% is also payable.
Reduced rates of tax or exemption are available for certain income earners.
The standard rate of Finland corporate tax in 2009 is 26%.
Ingeneral private companies in Finland are characterized by the suffix OY after their names.
Public companies have the suffix OYJ.

|Finland Income Tax for an Individual |

An individual is liable for tax on his income as an employee and on income as a self-employed person.
Tax will be payable on income earned in Finland and overseas by an individual who...
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