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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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The following specifications are the minimum hardware specifications and recommendations for
SmoothWall Express:
System/hardware Requirement/recommendations
Processor Intel Pentium 200 orcompatible processors.
Memory 128 megabytes of RAM. More RAM is required for additional services.
Storage 2 gigabytes hard disk – IDE and SCSI devices supported.
Network interface cards A minimum of onesupported network interface card (NIC).
If the connection to the Internet is via a broadband device such as a
cable modem, ethernet-presented ADSL, or another ethernet-presented
connection, you willneed a second NIC.
Keyboard If the system BIOS supports boot without keyboard, this is only
required for the initial installation.
Video card Only required when installing SmoothWall Express.Monitor Only required when installing SmoothWall Express.
CD-ROM Only required when installing SmoothWall Express.
SmoothWall Express
Installation Guide
Version 1
About Registration
The firsttime you connect to the Internet from your newly installed SmoothWall Express, a
registration script runs once only.
In a manner similar to the way in which a web site cookie records a small amount ofinformation
for future viewing of that particular site, the registration script sends a few key pieces of
information about your installation back to SmoothWall Limited. This data enables thedevelopment team to gauge the type of platforms on which SmoothWall Express is being
deployed and to better judge what features it would be helpful to add to future releases.
Note: Please note that noneof this information is sensitive and that all the information is stored securely
in our database according to BS5750 and the Data Protection Act requirements.
SmoothWall Limited does not capture anyother user information or any other data secretly or
covertly – all information recorded is impersonal.We appreciate your concerns about security and
data integrity.
If you would like to...
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