First american colonizers

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First American Colonizers

Who were The Vikings

The Vikings, is term used to named the Norsemen (people from Scandinavia), that settled and colonized in the northern regions; they were sailors,pirates, explores, warriors, and merchants. They colonized through slavery and settled in almost uninhabited regions; they established in some areas of England and Ireland, and more to the north, inthe Faroe Islands and Iceland. One famous Viking was named Leif Eriksson, he was the first one that lands in American continent in the year 1000 C.E. He was born in Iceland, his father Erik the Red,was the first settler of Greenland.

In 982 Erik the Red was exiled, responsible for some killings; he sailed to explore the northern territories. He found that they look most like Iceland, andafter three years he returned and told others about his trip, with the idea to establish a settlement, he named this land Greenland to attract people’s interest for it. Even is he was not the first whosight this land he was the first in succeed to set residence in the island; in 985 he sailed with a lot of people and founded the first two colonies in the southwestern side of Greenland.

The voyageto Vinland

The first Viking who sight America was belief to be Bjarni Herjolfsson. As he got lost in course sailing to Greenland, he saw a forest land at the distance but don’t reach it, turningback to his destiny. Leif Erickson interested in the idea of those lands, bought Bjarni ship and sailed to find it, hi first see Baffin Island and called it Helluland that means land of the flatstones; then he saw a coast with forests and he called Markland, it is supposed to be Labrador coast, in Canada; finally he land in Newfoundland, where he establish a settlement and called this regionVinland, because there was grapes and pastures, today this place is know as L’ans aux Meadows.

After going back to Greenland, Leif’s brother Thorvald return to the same camp, and continue in...
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