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Eugene Hecht

In the chapter of thermodynamic of the book physics in Eugene Hecht's perspective, centre’s on the analysis on the concepts of work and heat, and hisrelation with other forms of energy that are adopted inside a system or his environment, as the heat energy which bases on the temperature as measure of this one energy.
The analysis of the mentioned textgenerates the interest for the comprehension of the thermodynamic one and his relation with the daily life departing from the analysis of his laws, first related to the conservation of the energy andthe second law of the thermodynamic one which treats the mysterious behaviors of the universe by means of the flow of the time, establishing limits and directions to the processes of energeticexchange.
The subject matter developed by Eugene Hecht in this chapter, generates the worry steels of what does happen with everything what we use and reject? And if in the processes of reutilization ofrecycled materials the levels of energetic consumption involve a wear of the system bigger than the needed ones for the mere production of the material or element?. The response to this mystery becomescomplex for the multiple factors that would be needed to evaluate, but for this the thermodynamic one and the whole historical development of the theory, offers to us interesting tools as the study ofthe heat, which initiated 17th century with Benjamin Thompson, who was defining to the heat as a fluid that might not be destroyed and to be a repellent car, they were defining it as caloric. In spiteof the fact that this definition was revalued by posteriority, it laid the foundations of the analysis allowing for almost one century to be employed for several experts at multiple approximations tothe heat concept, to define in last instance as slightly intangibly that cannot touch though if it is possible to perceive.
Equally varied studies were realized on the calorific capacity, of the...
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