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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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Technological University of Panama.
Regional Center of Azuero.
Civil Engineering Faculty.
Major: Civil Engineering.
Year: 2.
Semester: 1 - 2012.
Subject: English

Professor:Azael Burgos

Agustín Rodríguez 6-717-698
Michael Pereira. 2-731-852


Date: June 15, 2012.

Backhoe (Retroexcabadora)

Machine used to excavate car, thanks to alarge shovel with which you provided.

Cement mixer (mezcladora de cemento)

Machine used to mix cement constructions

Steamroller (Aplanadora)A heavy steam-powered vehicle having a roller  for crushing,compacting, or leveling materials used for a road or the like.

Paver (Pavimentadora)

Machine used to pave a road

Truck (Camión)

Large vehicle, four or more wheels, intended for thecarriage of heavy goods.
Crane (Grúa)

Machine for lifting and distributing loads in space suspended from a hook
Devastating (Demoledora)

Heavy equipment used to demolish buildings in ruins beforethe construction of a new.

Drill (Taladro)

Heavy machine used to open the holes where they will be supported by the foundation of the building or some other things.
Trencher (Zanajdora)

Itis a machine used for continuous rapid opening of the open ditches, widening of highways and roads, and foundations.
Tunnel Machine (Tuneladora)

Specialized machine to open underground tunnels.Tank car (camion sisterna)

Truck used to wet the area will be built to prevent dust increases

Excavator (Excavadora)

Heavy machine used to remove large pieces of concrete and other materials.Grader (Motoniveladora)

Machine used to level the ground before construction

Forklift Truck (montacarga)

It is a vehicle poised at the back, which, using two forks, can transport andstack loads generally mounted on pallets.

Bagger 288

Is a bucket wheel excavator bucket or which is formed by a large bucket rotor. You can dig 76,000 meters daily cubic

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