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  • Publicado : 8 de junio de 2011
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The Dog and the Piece of Meat
There once was a very greedy dog who was always looking through the garbage and waste to see if there was something to eat.
Also hanging around markets and eateries,Menen tail and barking at people to throw him a bone or a crust of bread.
There used to achieve much in this way, but one day he found a beautiful piece of meat, big and juicy.

at first did notbelieve her eyes, she thought it was a vision ... who could have given up that wonderful piece of meat?
finally pounced on the bountiful harvest, caught him with his teeth, noting that it was real, hewas not dreaming and truly in his mouth the most delicious snacks and, fearing that someone would grab it, ran away looking for a place to savor at home.
to pass by a pond, glanced into the water andwhat was his amazement he saw, close to the surface, floating a few inches deep, another piece of meat as large and tasty as the one in his mouth.

It was possible that one day the miracle happenedtwice: another piece of meat as well ... no, bigger and still juicy! the dog became very quiet, as if hypnotized, staring at the water, and the more I looked the more convinced that the other piece ofmeat was better than yours. He thought he saw another dog had his teeth, just as he had his bite. And he thought then that should not be difficult to obtain for themselves that piece of crane thatstirred up from the pond.
Then he said to himself that he should be smart and act wisely to carry out their plan.

It was approaching the water slowly, and when he was a few inches from the surfacecould not stand it and opened his mouth to grab the meat he saw floating in the pond. Of course, opening his mouth fell into the water wearing the piece, and one also disappeared, it was only the firstreflex of the smooth surface of the pond.

Sometimes, to pursue a baseless illusion, we neglect what we already have and just leaving us with nothing. As the saying goes: "A bird in hand is...
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