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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2011
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Syllabus for EJU Subject Examinations (Basic Scholastic Ability) •ƒ Science •„i with ‚’ elation to MEXT* curriculum guidelines •j

*Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Purpose of the Examination The purpose of this examination is to test whether students from other countries have the basic scholastic ability in science considered necessary for studying at theundergraduate level at a Japanese university. The examination consists of physics, chemistry, and biology; examinees select two of these subjects. The questions are classified according to each of these three subjects; each subject section has questions and a list of relevant terminology.

‡T Mechanics ‚P•D Motion and force ¥ (1) “Projectile motion”•F Physics‡U•C others•F Physics‡T (1)Description of motion Velocity and acceleration, Free fall, Projectile motion (2) Various forces Force, Gravity, Frictional force, Normal force, Tension, Elastic force, Force exerted by liquid or gas (3) Equilibrium of forces Resultant and resolution of forces, Equilibrium of forces (4) Equilibrium of forces acting on rigid bodies Torque, Resultant force, Couple of forces, Equilibrium of rigid bodies,Center of mass (5) Laws of motion Newton's laws of motion, Unit of force and equation of motion, Systems of units and dimensions (6) Motion in the presence of friction and air resistance Static friction force, Kinetic friction force, Air resistance and terminal velocity ‚Q•D Energy and momentum ¥ (1) (2) (3)•F Physics‡T•C (4) (5)•F Physics‡U (1) Work and kinetic energy Principle of work, Power,Kinetic energy (2) Potential energy Potential energy due to gravity, Potential energy due to elastic force (3) Conservation of mechanical energy (4) Momentum and impulse Momentum and impulse, Law of conservation of momentum (5) Collision and fission Coefficient of restitution, Elastic collision, Inelastic collision ‚R•D Various forces and motion ¥ Physics‡U (1) Circular motion Angular velocity,Period and rotational frequency, Acceleration and centripetal force, General circular motion (2) Inertial force Inertial force, Centrifugal force (3) Simple harmonic oscillation Spring pendulum, Energy of simple harmonic motion, Simple pendulum (4) Universal gravitation Planetary motion (Kepler's law), Universal gravitation and gravity, Conservation of energy



Thermodynamics ‚P•DTemperature and heat ¥ Physics‡T (1) Temperature and heat Temperature, Heat quantity and heat capacity, Specific heat, Conservation of heat quantity (2) Internal energy Melting point, Boiling point, Heat of fusion, Heat of evaporation, Latent heat, Heat and work, The first law of thermodynamics ‚Q•D Properties of gas ¥ (1) “ Boyle’s law, Charles’ law ”•F PhysicsTC others•F Physics‡U (optional topics) ‡• (1) Laws of gas Boyle’s law, Charles’ law Boyle-Charles' law, Equation of state of ideal gas (2) Kinetic theory of gas Pressure and molecule motion, Absolute temperature, Internal energy of ideal gas, Molar heat capacity (3) Change of state of gases Isochoric change, Isobaric change, Adiabatic change, Isothermal change ‚R•D Heat engine and irreversible change ¥ Physics‡T (1) Conversion andconservation of various energy Conversion and conservation of energy , Irreversible change, Efficiency of heat engine ‡V Waves ¥ Physics‡T ‚P•D Properties of wave (1) Propagation of wave Medium•C Wave source•C Waveform•C Period•C Amplitude•C Wave length•C Wave velocity•C Transverse and longitudinal waves (2) Superposition principle and interference Superposition principle, Interference, Standing andtraveling waves (3) Reflection, refraction, and diffraction of waves Huygens’ principle, Law of reflection, Law of refraction, Refractive index, Diffraction ‚Q•D Sound (1) Propagation of sound Sound speed, Reflection, Refraction, Diffraction, Interference, Beat (2) Vibrations of sounding body and resonance Vibration of string, Vibration of air column, Resonance (3) Doppler effect Case of moving...
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