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1. Ten pulses are generated every 250 ms  in a water tank. What is the speed propagation speed of the
wave if the wavelenght of the surface wave is 2 cm?
2. A spring has a spring constant of 340N/m. How must be this spring be stretched to store 19 j of potential energy?
3. On a planet with an unknown value of g the period of a 0.76m long pendulum is 2.9 s. What is g for this planet?
4. A365-g body in s horizontal plane is attached to a spring that is attached to the wall. A force of 5.5
N is applied to move this body 20 cm from its equilibrium point. a) What’s spring constant? b)What’s the maximum potential energy reached by the body?  What´s the maximum velocity reached by the body when it is released? What  is the frequency of the system?
5.Find sound speed at a) 30° C b) -7 °Cc) -1 °F
6.Find the temperature of air when sound speed is a) 335m/s b) 343 m/s c) 320 m/s
7.If a sound has an intensity of 4x10-8 W/cm2, find its intensity level in db and b?
8.If a sound has anintensity of 4x10-3 W/cm2, find its intensity level in db and b?
9. The intensity level of a sound is 30 db. What´s its intensity?
10.The intensity level of a sound is 6.5 b. What´s its intensity?11. A police car at 90 km/h has a siren with a frequency of 600 Hz, What´s frequencv detected bv a person at rest if (a) car is  moving toward him? (b) car is moving away from him?
12. An ambulanceat rest has a. siren with. a frequency of 500 Hz What's frecuency detected by a
person in a car moving at 80 km/h toward the ambulance?. (b) a person in a car moving away the
ambulance at 60 km/h ?13. A stationary train blows a 305-Hz horn. What frequency is detected by a stationary train?                                                                                                                       14.An 3.0-cns object is placed 4 cm from a concave lens whose focal length is 2.0- cm. a)what is the location of the image?   b> What is ns size? c) What kind of image?
15.A 15mm...
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