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EWP Water Stewardship Program
Checklist Golf – version 0.2
Project Coordinator: Sabine von Wiren-Lehr

About this document
This checklist has been developed within the project “Communication of Sustainable Water Management” of the EWP Water Stewardship
Program in order to
- Provide guidance to monitor the water management of the golf course operation on-site in an integrative way
-Create a tool for water users in Europe to verify the compliance with the requirements of the Standard on Water Stewardship (version 0.1)
- Create the basis for an objective reporting, certification and communication scheme for Water Stewardship on golf courses
- Give a first proposal for an evaluation scheme with major and minor musts, and recommendations.
This checklist aims to bepragmatic and implementable by a broad range of golf courses. It is forcibly linked to the EWP Water Stewardship
Standard (version 0.1).

Present status of the checklist
This checklist version 0.2 represents a first working document elaborated within a multi-stakeholder process including EWP, its partners and the
participants of the project named above.
In a next step, the checklist shallbe implemented and verified in pilot golf courses to determine its practical applicability under on-site conditions.

Pilot testing
This document is being exposed to pilot testing by selected golf course operations. Comments of these pilot golf courses will be recorded according to a generic EWP piloting framework. The draft checklist will then be reviewed and revised in the light of thesecomments.

How this checklist works
This checklist includes
- The requirements of Sustainable Water Management referring to the EWP Water Stewardship Standard with detailed information on the
requested indicators
- A proposal how to monitor and document the operational measures taken by the golf courses to implement Sustainable Water Management
- A level of evaluation for thereferring indicator as
• Major must: obligatory requirement to become a verified “good water steward”
• Minor must: requirement that has to be achieve within 2 years time
• Recommendation: optional requirement for good water stewards.

Checklist “Sustainable Water Management in Golf Courses”

| ||Description of operational measures |Level |Golf |
| | |in Annex N° | | |
|1 Sustainable Water Abstraction|
|1.1 Evaluate the quantity of water abstraction from all sources |
|1.1.1 |Report all water sources used forabstraction by |Recommended documentation “Source |Major |mayor |
| |Self supply sources: |List” (Annex 1) | | |
| |Groundwater (specify renewablegroundwater and fossil water) | | | |
| |Surface (fresh) water (including water from wetlands, rivers, lakes, and oceans, costal water or artificial and heavily | | | |
| |modified surface water bodies)...
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