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Grammar Exam
1st. Period
NAME: _____ivan romero_____________ GRADE: _2___ GROUP: _A___
I.- INSTRUCTIONS: Select the best option.
Readthe article about two sisters.
Are the sentences ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’?
If there is not enough information to answer ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’, choose ‘Doesn’t say’.
Something very strange happened toTamara. She never knew she had a twin sister until she started university!
Tamara was born in Mexico. Her parents could not look after her so she went to live with a family in Manhattan, USA.
When Tamarawas twenty years old, she started university in Long Island. She enjoyed her university life. But one day she was walking home from class, and a student smiled at her. “Hello Adriana!” said thestudent. “I’m not Adriana,” said Tamara.
This happened to Tamara again and again. People Tamara didn’t know kept calling her Adriana. It was very strange. One day, when a woman called her Adriana, Tamaraasked “Why do you keep calling me Adriana?”
The woman replied, “You look like my friend Adriana. You have the same face and the same hair. Is Adriana your sister?” Tamara said that she did not have asister called Adriana. But she was interested in this girl Adriana. Finally she asked someone for Adriana’s email address.
When Tamara wrote to Adriana, she found out that they both had the samebirthday, they looked the same and both of them were from Mexico.When Tamara went to live with the family in Manhattan, Adriana moved to Long Island to live with a family there. It had to be true! Adrianaand Tamara were twin sisters!
Principio del formulario
Tamara and her sister were both born in Mexico.
Right       Wrong       Doesn’t say      
Tamara’s parents moved from Mexico toManhattan.
Right       Wrong       Doesn’t say      
People called Tamara “Adriana” many times.
Right       Wrong       Doesn’t say      
Adriana wrote to Tamara first.
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