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The atmosphere
 it is the gas layer that surrounds a celestial body with the sufficient mass like attracting it. Some planets are formed mainly by gases, and so they have very deep atmospheres
. Layers of the terrestrial atmosphere
 Troposphere it is the layer nearest the terrestrial surface, where the life is developed and happen the majority of the meteorologicalphenomena. It has about 8 km of thickness in the poles and around 16 km in the Equator. In this layer the temperature falls with the height around 6.5 °C by kilometer. The troposphere 
contains around 75% ofthe gaseous mass of the atmosphere, as well as almost all the aqueous vapour. 

 Stratosphere it is the layer that is between 12 km and 50 km of height. The gases are separatedforming layers or layers according to their weight. One of them is the ozone layer that it protects to the Earth of the excess of originating ultraviolet rays of the Sun. The amounts of oxygen and carbonicanhydride are almost null and increases the proportion of hydrogen. It acts like regulator of the temperature, being in his part inferior near the -60 °C and increasing with the height until 10 or 17°C in the stratopause. 

 Mesosphere it is the layer where the temperature returns to fall and descends until the -90 °C in agreement increases his altitude. One extends from thestratopause (zone of contact between the stratosphere and the mesosphere) to a height of about 80 km, where the temperature returns to descend until about a -70 °C or -80 °C. 

Thermosphere or Ionosphere Ionosphere it is the layer that are between the 90 and the 800 kilometers of height. Its upper limit is termopausa. In her layers formed by loaded atoms exist electrically, calls ions. To the being aconductive layer of electricity is the one that makes possible the transmissions of radio and television by its property to reflect the electromagnetic waves. The predominant gas is the hydrogen....
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