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Unidad 1
Short answers with am, are, is - Exercise 1
1) Are you from England? - Yes, I am.
2) Is she nice? - Yes, she is.
3) Are the friends at school? -Yes, they are.
4) Is the dog in the garden? - Yes, it is.
5) Are you 12? - No, I am not.
6) Is your school bag black? - Yes, it is.
7) Is he a teacher? - Yes, he is.
8) Are your parentsfrom Italy? - No, they are not.
9) Are we students? - Yes, we are.
10) Am I your friend? - Yes, you are.

The forms of be (am, are, is) - Exercise 2
1) My mother is in the kitchen.
2) Thepupils are not at school today.
3) Maria's grandmother is from Brazil.
4) I am a football fan.
5) It is Sunday today.
6) They are in the car.
7) His pencil case is at home.
8) Are you fromSheffield?
9) I am not your friend.
10) Hey John! We are here.

Unidad 2
Possessive determiners – Exercise 3
Hi Daniel,
my name is John. This is my friend Jason. He's 12. His sister is nine.Their pet is a budgie. His name is Dickens. Jason and I go to the same school. There are 450 boys and girls in our school. Jason's form teacher is Mrs. Peterson. She has got a pet, too. Her pet is atortoise. Our form teacher is Mr. Smith. I like his lessons. He has two dogs. The dogs love to play in his garden. Now I have a question for you. What's your pet?


Unidad 3
Theverb do (do, don't, does, doesn't) in the Simple Present – 1
1) My mother likes chocolate, but she doesn't like biscuits.
2) What do the children wear at your school?
3) Lynn's father watchesbadminton on TV, but he doesn't watch judo.
4) Where do the Masons buy their fruit?
5) Does the cat like to sleep on the sofa?
6) Dogs love bones, but they don't love cheese.
7) Where do Sam andBen hide their CDs?
8) We eat pizza, but we don't eat hamburgers.
9) Does Mrs Miller read magazines?
10) Do the boys play cricket outside?

Unidad 4

'There is' or 'There are'?
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