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We going to interview at one football player, pay a lot attention because at the end we ask you about everything that we talk..

Helloooo!! Good morning people, How are the most beautiful peoplein Cartagena?? In this day june 20 in 2012 we have one excellent soccer player, he is the best defenders of him generation. His name is Ashley Cole :D
Ashley Come on please!!! Uhuuhuhuuhuhuhuhuhuhuh!Ashley: Hello my dear Nicole, how are you?
Nicole: Excellent. Sit down please!! For start the interview, talk me about you, What do you do?
Ashley: Well, I am an English footballer who plays forChelsea and the England national team. Primarily a left back.
Nicole: Good, Now, Can you tell me about your motivation for play soccer?
Ashley: Well, it’s a beautiful story.. When I was a child Ilost my ball, later I saw it, so I went for it, and a big track came to me and my ball save my life because I tripped over with the ball for that reason the track didn’t crash me.
Nicole: Oh, yourstory is beautiful, i like football if I watch tv, I don’t play it.. So, Ashley Where were you born??
Ahley: I was born in Stepney, London, England in December 20 in the year 1980. And how about youNicole?
Nicole: My birthday is tararatarataratara.. TODAY!!!!!
Ashley: Ohhhh!! Everybody: Happy birthday too you, Happy birthday too you, happy birthday Nicole, happy birthday too you! Nicole how oldare going to be??
Nicole: thanks a lot :D Ashley the women after 20 don´t say that!!
Ashley: That’s too bad. What are you going to do for your birthday?
Nicole: I’m going to go to a restaurantwith my family and a few friends =) it going to be an excellent day! And you, what are you going for your birthday 32th??
Ashley: Well, I’m going to do a big party with all the people that I know,You have to go!
Nicole: Oh thanks, I’m going to try go for your party ;) Anyway, when were you a teenager, what were your favorite subjects?
Ashley: Let me think, I liked mathematics and...
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