Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Patients Who Undergo Lung-Volume-Reduction Surgery orLung Transplantation
Carolyn L Rochester MD

Introduction Rationale for PulmonaryRehabilitation Prior to Lung Volume Reduction Surgery or Lung Transplantation Benefits ofPulmonary Rehabilitation Prior to LVRS or Lung Transplantation Clinical Benefits ofPulmonary Rehabilitation Versus LVRS Pulmonary Rehabilitation Following LVRS or LungTransplantation Program Content of Pulmonary Rehabilitation for LVRS or Lung TransplantationSummary Patients preparing for or recovering from lung-volume-reduction surgery (LVRS)or lung transplantation represent a selected group of patients with advanced chronicrespiratory disease. Such patients typically have severe ventilatory limitation anddisability and are at high risk of preoperative and postoperative complications. Pulmonary [continua]

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