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1. Indicate five (5) instances in the life of Stocker that call your attention.

* One of the main aspects that called my attention about Bram Stocker was the fact that his family lived throughtheir culture and the books they had, and I supposes that in that age books were difficult to get.
* He was prepared by a private teacher because of his health so weak, he was his first sevenyears at home, and was his mother who took care of him and who taught him horror and ghost stories, stories that could help him later.
* His most recognized creation is Dracula, a fictional storywhich was based in a real one but which helped that the topic of vampires take power.
* Another important aspect is that the author always studied deeply the topic he was writing about and eachcharacter is harder described, not just left his imagination but tried to base it on real facts.
* Finally he died so poor, sick and without the comfort he deserved for his work.

2. Highlightsix gothic elements.

* The architecture is one of the most representative gothic aspects in the film, ancient buildings full of details evidenced the age in which the story took place.
*There is also the music at the beginning and at the end, the musician Wojciech Kilar who recreated the film is recognized as a great classical composer and that helped a lot.
* The colors of thefilm, I mean, the film is so dark the only “light” parts were when Mina appeared but just because her character was so soft, the rest of the film is full of black and grey color, and the way people wasexpressed and dressed also evidenced the age.
* The plot of the movie is entirely Gothic, dark and rainy nights, dense forest and the sounds of the animals, this was a horror film in essence.
*The way the two girls were dressed and made up, a lot of details is one of the most important aspect to deduce the age in which the film was recreated, details in clothes and in the accessories...
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