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The Titanic was a british class passenger liner owned by a navy company ,White Star Line, the first largest passeger steamship in the world for that time, the most luxurious andconsidered "the unsinkable".

The titanic was very famous in its time but still being very famous. In their times this boat was the most popular by many things, I can mention that this wascharacterized by its steel construction, this boat was considered "unsinkable", also people considered impossible that something come out wrong because it was built with the best technology of the time.

OnApril 10, 1912 the big steamship sailed from Southampton with destine to new york with 2,200 passengers and crew.
People were very excited and the boat filled all expectations, was the mostcomfortable, majestic and fine boat.
The Titanic had three classes, rigidly segregated by locked barriers, of course, the first class had fine furniture, swimming pool, gym, very fancy restaurants and manyother luxuries, but the entire boat had one of the best architectures, had beautiful rooms and decoration. The second and third class had less space, less lounges and fewer open areas. But however wereseen the third class cabins even more luxurious than the first class of other ships.

During the night of 14 April, the boat receives many warnings of icebergs in the area, but these are ignored,even recommendations lowering speed are rejected because they hoped to get to new york with a very good time to cause a great impression.
In this tragic accident died 1517 passengers of 2200 ormaybe more, making the sinking of the titanic became one of the worst maritimes disasters.
"At 11: 40 pm on April 14, at a speed of 22.5 knots, the Titanic have a crash against an iceberg on the side ofstarboard, demonstrating once again the last man of nature inferiority: be supposed that the icebergs not reaching as low latitudes".

This disastrous event certainly could have been avoided or...
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