Flash of reality

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  • Publicado : 21 de septiembre de 2010
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A Flash of reality
She was staring at the window, when her mom called her to talk. They had been on a fight previously and they had ended separetlycrying….She couldn´t believe what her mom was telling , it hurt but it was the real deal, she told her what long time ago she needed to know, shetold her: ¨If there´s no one else that cares, do it yourself because no one will mind if you don’t¨. After this she cried harder because it was thetruth that she needed but at the same time she was so confused….
She didn’t know what to think or what to expect… She wonders if at her age she wassuppose to do what a grown up did, she was 16 years old…. She cried, prayed and tried to focus in what her mom had told her but she couldn’t find theanswers to this dilemma…Till she read something that went to her mind and hasn’t live it till this moment… That it doesn’t matter how your parentsare or what they have done in the present or even the past that you have seen and has affected you. You have to stand up for yourself, with Godalways, and do what God asks you to do, no matter how hard it is…
And this has never leave her mind since then, she lives her live like that everyday andI think that’s an example to each of us. I hope this flash of reality helps you through what ever you are going through…. And always remember God isalways there for you, seek Him and you will find Him, knock and He will answer His door… you are never alone God is there when ever you need Him.
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