Food and beverage in france

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French cuisine is known worldwide for its quality and variety. The food, wine, spices and a long culinary tradition combine forces to result inone of the most elaborate and delicious cuisines of the world.

In regards to French cuisine we can find two types of cuisine: the classic and the so-called "women. " The classiccuisine is the most aristocratic and most elaborate. This cuisine uses ingredients always quirky and hard to find and is representing France around the world.
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The Norman cuisine is based on the dishes a creamy consistency. So, never missing ingredients are butter and cream,resulting in soft-palate plates.

In Burgundy, French wines are produced with the highest quality and is an excellent choice for culinary tourism in France.

Lyon is thegastronomic city par excellence. Lyon's restaurants are famous and internationally renowned for its exquisite food and stunning presentations. However, if you travel to Lyon with intentto try some of the most delicious dishes that there should be targeted at Bouchons. The Bouchons not large but modest luxury restaurants taverns where homemade food is theattraction of persons engaged in tourism in France and travel from around the globe to sample the delights of the Bouchons.

Types most famous French wine we can name:
Bordeauxcreated in the Middle Ages, when France was invaded by England.
Champagne is a sparkling wine produced from the combination of several types of grapes and which could not bedeveloped until the creation of the cork.
Burgundy is made from very select grapes and therefore the amount of wine produced annually is much lower than that of other French wines.