Food security in puerto rico

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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2010
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According to the United States Organization for Agriculture (USOA), “food security exists when all people have physical, social and economic access to sufficient amounts of nutritious food at alltimes which satisfies the daily, energetic needs and food preferences to lead a healthy and active life. This is a global definition, and a complete one at that. Nonetheless, one which can be applied toPuerto Rico and its reality concerning food security and the readily availability of it to its entire population.
Food security in Puerto Rico has always been an issue. Even when agriculture was away of life for the Puerto Rican jibaro, they did not have enough food to feed their numerous families. Though an agrarian lifestyle of the past has been replaced by “progress” and modern living in thepresent, we have no more food security today than the jibaros did in the past.
Food safety in Puerto Rico has always been an issue too. The Jibaros in the past lacked sanitary methods of foodhandling. They had no technological means of preserving their food. Therefore, food that was not used promptly spoiled quickly and many of whom consumed them, suffered the same health conditions related tofood mismanagement that exist today.
Since the year 2000, The World Organization for Health (WHO) sets rigorous control standards in terms of food inspection in order to avoid food contamination by:encephalitic spongeforms, aftosa fever, avarian flu, botulism, salmonella, E-coli, compylobacter and others.
All of these health conditions are very dangerous and can be present in foods. At anymoment, some of these conditions can cause epidemic outbreaks producing a world pandemic that can bring about millions of deaths. Puerto Rico could be among these numbers as well as food mismanagementpractices threaten the population through casual and careless practices at home, industries and out of home dining experiences. Our Puerto Rican population has been fortunate enough to not have...
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