Forefront server security management console quick start guide version 10

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Forefront Server Security Management Console Quick Start Guide Version 10

Forefront Server Security Management Console

Microsoft Corporation
Published: March 2010

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Forefront Server Security Management Console Quick Start Guide Version 10 1Contents 3

Introduction To the Forefront Server Security Management Console 5

Management Console Installation 5
Minimum Server Requirements 5
Prerequisites 5
Installing 7
Express Installation 8
Enterprise Installation 8

Getting Started With the Management Console 9
Launching the Console 10
Console Layout 10

Using the Management Console for Administration 11
Configuring GlobalConfiguration Settings 11
Adding Users 11
Adding Managed Servers 12
Deploying Agents to Managed Servers 12
Configuring Engine Signature Updates - the Redistribution Job 12

Using the Management Console for Job Management 13
Deploying Forefront Security ProductsTo Remote Servers 14
Creating an Installation Deployment Package 14
Configuring a Deployment Job 15
SignatureRedistribution Jobs 15
General Options Jobs 17
Introduction To the Forefront Server Security Management Console

The Microsoft® Forefront™ Server Security Management Console (FSSMC) is a management tool that provides information technology administrators with a way to centrally manage Forefront Security software solutions on all enterprise servers. Using a browser-based user interface, the FSSMCprovides centralized deployment and reporting.
This Quick Start Guide will help you install and start using the Forefront Server Security Management Console. For more detailed information, and for additional topics not covered in this guide, see the Microsoft Forefront Server Security Management Console User Guide.

Management Console Installation

This release of FSSMC supports localinstallations on servers running the Microsoft Windows Server® 2003 operating system.

The FSSMC cannot be installed on a server that is used as a domain controller.

Minimum Server Requirements

Note that administrators must have domain rights and local administrator rights. The following are the minimum requirements necessary to install the FSSMC on a server:
• Microsoft Windows...
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