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Read the information about a tour to Africa

DAY 1 : Saturday: London – Harare
Depart London Gatwick this afternoon
On the Air Zimbabwe Boeing 767
Boundfor Harare
DAY 2 : Sunday : Harare
Arrive in Harare early morning and
Transfer to the Meikles Hotel for two nights
In the afternoon, go on a city tour to explore
this beautiful area
DAY 3:Monday : Harare
A full free day to go round the city,
Go shopping, or relax at the pool.
DAY 4:Tuesday : Harare – Hwange
Transfer to the airport for a short Air
Zimbabwe flight betweenHarare and Hwange.
Overnight at the Safari Lodge

Exercise 1
Make questions and answers about the tour using the prompts.
Example: When / leave / London ?
Client: When do weleave London?
Agent:You leave London on Saturday

1.-Which airline / fly with?
Client: Which airline do we fly with?
Agent:_You fly with Air Zimbabwe
2.-When / arrive /Harare?
Client:_When do I arrive to Harare_?
Agent:_You will arrive to Harare on Sunday
3.-Which hotel / stay at ?
Client:__Which hotel I will stay at?
Agent:__You will stay at the Meikleshotel for two nights
4.-How long / stay / Harare?
Client:_How long do we stay in Harare?
Agent:_You will stay in Harare for three days
5.-How / get to / Hwange?
Client:how are we going toget to hwange?
Agent:you will get there by a Zimbabwe flight


Read the information about the rest of the tour to Africa
DAY 5: Wednesday: Hwange – VictoriaThis morning, experience a fabulous drive in Zimbabwe’s
Largest National Park.
Transfer to Victoria.
In the afternoon, take the “Flight of the Angels” tourover the fabulous Victoria Falla in a small aeroplane.
Later, walk round the falls and visit an african village.
There will be an opportunity to go for a...
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