Forever by judy blume

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Oscar Talamas Cano
Final Book Analysis: Forever
In “Forever”, a book written by Judy Blume Michael and Katherine get into a love relationship. This relationship starts very well, but it endsin a bad way. This issue that you can see throughout the novel is love between teenagers, a love that Kath and Michael expected to last “forever”. The issue is whether teenagers can handle loveforever at a young age. In Forever Kath is eighteen years old and falls in love with Michael. Michael is also eighteen years old. They promise each other to love each other forever: “‘I love you, MichaelWagner.’ ‘Forever?’ he asked. ‘Forever,’ I said.” (51, Blume). At the beginning it is easy for them, but as Susie starts interacting with other boys, she realizes that her feelings for Michael aren’tunique, because she also feels something for Theo. “I dreamed I was with Theo. It was so real— I could smell him, taste him, feel him—and I wanted him so much.” (122, Blume). In this quote Katherineexpresses the love she now feels for Theo. This novel teaches us that teenager love is not as serious, or strong as adults love. I think this is because teenagers haven’t reached a needed maturitylevel to experience or handle true love, and also because they lack experience in relationships.

The use of dialogue by Judy Blume is essential for the book. It makes the reading off this novel veryentertaining, understandable, and interactive. The dialogue achieves to get you into an informal atmosphere where you feel comfortable, where you can read about these uncommon themes without feelingashamed or insecure. You feel relaxed and with an attitude of learning from the experience of Michael and Katherine.

In conclusion Judy Blume achieves to express how teenager relationships finish,and certain points you must take into consideration when you are in this type of relationships. “1. Is sexual intercourse necessary for the relationship?, 2. What should you expect from sexual...
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