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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2011
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October 20, 2011
Dear Newspaper:
The definition of love is the most wide it can exist in my point of view. Love can mean different things for many people depending in the situationthey are living through, the affection he or she has received from the people near them, or from the way of seeing the world.
In my case love means: an emotion of a strong affection and a personalattachment to someone or to something.
For a person to live happy it is essential to love, unless a person love his or her life will flash by. People think that happiness depends on health, success,faith or a good fortune, but those are things that through life people learn that those are not the things that determine happiness. The material things are momentary things that will be lost throughtimes. For example, if someone is very rich and thinks that they can have everything in the whole world and begins wasting every dollar he has to have everything, there will be a moment that the moneywill be over and he will learn that not everything is money. Another example is the health, a person can have the best health in the world, but if he doesn’t have anybody to love he will be alone andwith no one to share experiences.
Meanwhile, when you love someone that is everything. Everybody can notice how a family can live happily, no matter what bad thing can happen. The love of a mother toa son is the greatest love in life. The love of a mother cannot be compare to anything. Any mother surely can give her life to save her son. A good example of happiness can be seen in two adolescentin a relationship. Everybody can notice that the happiness of one depends on the other, through time they begin being a single happiness, not two. If something happens to one, it will immediatelyaffect the other. Happiness and love begin in the right moment when he stops seeing himself and begin caring about others. Religion can teach us how the mystery of suffering is the key to happiness. In...