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  • Publicado : 24 de mayo de 2010
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1) What is environment?
The environment is all the nature around us.

2) How can we help the environment?
We can get information about the different ways to protect endangered speciesor by recycling.

3) What is Fauna?
Fauna is all kinds of animals in a specific area.

4) What is flora?
Flora is all kinds of flowers trees, and plants around us.

5) What kind ofanimals is in extinction?
Our national bird, the quetzal, panda bears, Asian tigers and blue whales.

6) What kind of plants is in extinction?
Our national flower, Monja Blanca andmany kinds of trees due deforestation.

7) What is destroying the environment?
Pollution, toxic waste, global warming and deforestation.

8) Why do most of the people don’t protect theenvironment?
Because they are ignorant and selfish, they don’t know the consequences of their actions.

9) Why do businessmen care more about money than the environment?
Because theydon’t think if their families families and the future of our planet.

10) How can you protect the environment?
Bye recycling, cleaning rivers and planting trees.

11) Why is important totake care of the environment?
Because this is the only home we have.

12) What is global warming?
Is the increase of the temperature of the earth due to pollution?

13) Whatis a natural reserve?
It`s an area of jungle or forest protected by the government.

14) What sort of animals are there in peten?
There are different kids of monkeys, bird’s jaguars,cougars, alligators and fish.

15) What is “Green Peace”?
It’s an international organization that works to protect the environment around us.

16) Can you name some endangered species?Some endanger species are whales, panda bears and tigers.

17) What is the rain forest?
It’s a humid forest with much wildlife and vegetation.

18) What is plantcton?
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