Formative assessment

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Formative Assessment
Black and Wiliam (1998) define assessment broadly to include all activities that teachers and students undertake to get information that can be used diagnostically to alterteaching and learning. Under this definition assessment encompasses teacher observation, classroom discussion, and analysis of students work, including homework and tests. Assessment becomes formative,when the information is used to adapt teaching and learning to meet students’ needs.

Suggested Activities
English Learner Population

This assignment would be carried out in a public schoollocated in Engativá, Bogota Cundinamarca Colombia; the subjects that would be selected for this study are 35 students from seventh grade, their ages ranged from 10 to 16 years old with a middle lowsocioeconomic status, each activity will be held during 10 to 20 minutes, 3 days per month.
According to both authors “when teachers know how students are progressing and where they are havingtrouble, they can use this information to make necessary instructional adjustments, such as reinforcing the topic, trying alternative instructional approaches, or offering more opportunities forpractice” activities that would lead to improve my students’ success.

The resource that would be selected is; this web resource is made by specific exercises and activitiessuch as memory, attention, and speed exercises; problem solving, flexibility and attention to train range of cognitive functions, from working memory to fluid intelligence that will be useful toimprove students’ vocabulary learning in a long term memory.

Nowadays, one of the most frequent problems with vocabulary learning in EFL / ESL is memorization, because very few times the studentsare able to remember the vocabulary that they acquire in classes; generally this knowledge is forgotten after the exam or a short period of time. These activities were specially designed to foster...
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