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|Customer Issue #: | |12345 | | |
|1. |TEAM CONTACT: Establish a small group of people with the process/product knowledge, allocated time, authority, and skill in the required |
||technical disciplines to solve the problem and implement corrective actions. The group must have a designated champion. |
| |Champion: ||
| |Team: ||
|2. |PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: Specify the internal/external customer problem by identifying, `What is wrong with what and describing the problem in|
||quantifiable terms which will answer the questions: `What? Where? When? How Big? How Many? etc. |
| ||
|3. |INTERIM CONTAINMENT ACTION: Define and implement containment actions to isolate the effects fromany internal/external customer (including |
| |Service Parts) until permanent corrective action is implemented. Verify the effectiveness of the containment action. |
|| |
|4. |DEFINE ROOT CAUSE(S): Identify all possiblecauses(s) which could explain why the problem occurred. Isolate and verify the root causes(s) |
| |by testing each possible cause against the problem description and test data. List possiblecorrective actions to eliminate root causes(s).|
| | |...
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