Formato planeacion secundaria

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Topic: Parts of the body
Time: 50 min.
Objective: Students are going to be able to give advices and recommendations by using should and shouldn´t
Activity| Tch´s role | S´s role | Material | Dynamic | Time |
Warm – up| T. shows students some visuals with the parts of the body he tells them to pay attention and repeat each part of the body. | Listen carefully and repeat when the teacher tellsthem. | Visuals | Total group | 10 min |
Presentation | T. tells them some sentences by using a part of the body for example: I use this part of my body when I watch TV. | Ss.are going to answer which part the body the teacher is talking about. In this case it´s about the eyes. | ___________ | Total group | 10 min |
Practice | T. asks Ss. to work ingroups of 5 people, teacher gives to Ss. some cards in face down they have to find a card pair with the same image in order to get a the whole set of cards ordered. | Ss. are goingto try to find the pairs by turning the cards until they get the whole set completed. | Cards | Teams of 5 | 15 min |
Practice | T. is going to give students a hand out with animage of a body in which they have to write in the gaps the correct part of the body | Ss. are going to work on this sheet. | Hand out | Individual | 5 min |
Production | T.asks Ss. to write some sentences by using a part of he body for example: I use my teeth in order to chew the food I eat. | Ss. are going to write down some sentences if they wantthey can use a dictionary. Then they have to share their sentences with the class. | Notebooks, dictionary (optional) | Individual | 10 min |
Materials: visuals, cards, hand out,
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