Formulas para el calculo de cajas acusticas

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The Subwoofer DIY Page Sealed Systems: Box Calculations To determine the box size for a sealed enclosure system, you will need to know the following Vas =Equivalent air compliance (litres) Qts = total Q of the driver at Fs Fs = resonance frequency of the driver (Hz) Choose a final Qtc (total Q of system at resonantfrequency) for your design. Recommended values for Qtc are from 0.6 to 1.0. Transient response degrades with higher Qtc values, but the power handling of the systemincreases. A Qtc of 0.7 will usually give pretty good results, but you can use a higher figure if Then, Qr = Qtc/Qts Vr = Qr^2-1 Vb = Vas/Vr Fb = Qr*Fs F3 =Fb*((1/Qtc^2-2+((1/Qtc^2-2)^2+4)^0.5)/2)^0.5 If Qtc>(1/2)^.5 then dBpeak = 20*log(Qtc^2/(Qtc^2-0.25)^0.5) Else dBpeak = 0 where, Vb = net box volume (litres)

Fb = boxresonant frequency (Hz) F3 = -3dB frequency (Hz) dBpeak = maximum peak or dip in system response

Vas Qts Fs S FCH DR L A Qtc Qr Vr Vb QTE

23 0.46 80 0.7 80 10 520 0.536 =+QTC/QTS =+QR^2-1 =+VAS/VR

Lts Hz 0.1 Hz cm cm cm =+(0.6+1)/2



FCB VF SV FB LV R F Fb =+QR*FS F3=+FB*((1/QTC^2-2+((1/QTC^2-2)^2+4)^0.5)/2)^0.5 FSB dBpeak =+SI(QTC>(1/2)^0.5,20*LOG(QTC^2/(QTC^2-0.25)^0.5),0) CAB SVR SVC MAP L LV L1

Hz Hz

dB cm2 cm2 m m m cm


=+REDONDEAR(FTRESO/(VAS/1000/VBO)^0.13,2) =+REDONDEAR(RAIZ((VAS/1000*FS^2)/VBO),2) =+FBO/(VAS/1000/VB0)^0.31=+FTRESO/(VAS/1000/VB0)^0.44 =+VBO/140449 =+REDONDEAR(DR^2*PI()/4,2) =REDONDEAR(1/(4*PI()^2*FBO^2*CAB),2) =+REDONDEAR(MAP*SVR/11800,4) =REDONDEAR(0.82*RAIZ(SVR/10000),4) =+REDONDEAR(SI(L-LV
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