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B U R G E R S , S A N D W I C H E S , A N D B E Y O N D
on the relationship of the sandwich to the camera, the
sharp triangular edges of a cut sandwich may allow the
camera tosee more than one edge of the sandwich. If
you are building the sandwich in the prep area, once the
meat is on the sandwich, you might choose to fi nish
building the sandwich onset and to the camera. Refer to
the On Set with a Whole Sandwich section in this
chapter for supplies needed on a table near the set.
As you fi nish building the interiorelements of the cut
sandwich, use a piece of stand-in bread to determine if
the build is level to camera. Th e hero bread topper will
need to sit fl at and not appear to fl oat abovethe sandwich
or have gaps seen by the camera between the bread and
interior of the sandwich. It is often helpful to position
two toothpick ends extending about 1/4 inch abovethe
top element to hold the hero bread topper in place. Again,
refer to the On Set with a Whole Sandwich section in
this chapter for techniques to use before fi nal capture orfi lm exposure.
OK, I’m busted. Th is is the back of the hero sandwich
halves after the fi nal exposure. You can see that I had to
support the sandwich structure. Th e breadwould not
hold the weight of the top sandwich ingredients and it
was necessary to insert a section of poster board under
the bread. Even that wasn’t enough to stabilize thestructure,
so I cut a length of skewer and secured one end of
it to the plate with windowpane putty. Th e other end is
resting on a fl at wood pickle fork that I dug out of the
studioprops and wedged under the bread. Yes, I was
moving quickly. Th e rigidity of the fork gave enough
support for the tall sandwich arrangement to hold its
shape. Th e only
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