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  • Publicado : 15 de marzo de 2011
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Read the article and write a report about the present situation in Haiti, including these concepts:
water related diseases
access to safe water and sanitation

Haiti in last years sufferd of many things related to poverty. The cholera is one of the main causes of deads in Haiti. Cholera is a potentially fatal bacterial infection that causes severediarrhea and dehydration.The disease is most often spread through the ingestion of contaminated food or drinking water. Water may be contaminated by the feces of an infected person or by untreated sewage.Food is often contaminated by water containing cholera bacteria or because it was handled by a person ill with cholera. Because of this, for those people who used to bathe play and do laundry in theriver or drink from it, life has change drastically.People argue “ we would never drink that water now”. That's way Aid agencies deliver bottled water daily and leaflets are being given out to thevillagers.
On constrast some people before drinking or using the water they first have to boil it. Furthermore, as water is contamined this means the present of cholera. People in Haiti has no access tosafe water and sanitation. The public Outside St Nicholas' hospital in St Marc, a song blares out from the sound system, encouraging people to use clean water and clean toilets. There is plenty ofbottled water, courtesy of the aid agencies, but clean toilets are another matter. At the hospital itself, there are urns of water on the way in, so people can wash their hands.Haitian authorities hopethe epidermic may now be stabilising, but the human costs continues to mount, in a country which has already seen so much suffering.
Althougn all this, this year Haiti has suffer a eathquake that ithad a castastrophc magnitude 7.0 M earthquake with an epicenter near the town of Leogane approximately 25 km (16 miles) west of Port-au-principe, Haitis capital. The earthquake occurred at 16:53...
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