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  • Publicado : 17 de noviembre de 2010
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I think that there is not one methodology that can cover all the techniques required to teach English as a second language.
I see that we use in certain way each method in differentteaching situations. Some of these methods I used them without knowing that they had a name. I also have noticed that the learning process is so individual and situational that it is difficult tostandardize the methods and these are always in constant changing.
What It has been noticeable for me is that the methods change depending on the social, economical or cultural needing. So todaycommunicative approach is more important than grammar translation because of the global world we are living now.
Also it was very kind of teacher Van to say that we all passed the road to the learning process.He made us feel comfortable with our knowledge and our teaching experience and I agree when he said that one goal I to communicate with other more than how we got that communication.
I still have mydoubts about this new communicative method because I see it every day at Thomas. Kids speak so nice and fluent that I feel proud of them but when they try to write, the results are awful: they writejust like they speak.
I think that it been a good strategy to teach them grammar in English because although, they don’t like it, they can see their mistakes when writing. I have to say that thisbimester kids got the lowest grades in grammar because they do not know how to write verb tenses or what part of speech a sentence was referring to. I think that this is the class of Error correction.The problem is that they feel they have many , that they get discouraged.
I think that teaching grammar still today has its difficulties. A kid has to learn a bunch of structures that are difficultto memorize and they still do not get the purpose of it. I think that it has been very useful to teach grammar in a context because it make more sense to them but I still feel that it is not an...
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