Four rooms

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Four romos - Room 309
This story talks about “The Misbehavers”, Ted was responsible for caring for two kids for one night while theparents of the children went to a party. Father gave to Ted $ 500 to look after the children, but Ted was responsible for all the hotel; he couldnot always be in the room with the children. Ted told to the kids have fun watching TV, but that they have an emergency call. After Ted left theroom, the brothers quickly began to destroy the room. It all began with the explosion of a bottle of champagne, then began to smoke, drankalcohol and watch pornographic television. The girl called Ted to come up, he went up and give them stale cookies and milk, also put theointment in the eyes of children to try not to open their eyes. After Ted came back out of the room, they got up and wash your eyes and call Ted onemore time. After much stress Ted up and stumbled into a scene of chaos as parents were coming but the walls and paintings of the room werelined with lipstick, the boy was smoking a cigarette and watching a porn channel and a dead prostitute was under the mattress. As Ted tries tofix everything by calling the police he was stabbed in the leg with a syringe by the girl, the child pulls the cigarette and the room is lit onfire as the alcohol was watered. The children's father opens the door to the room, Father saw all scene and he said "Did they misbehave".
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