Four waves of process management

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  • Publicado : 7 de febrero de 2012
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Emphasizing Paul King ideas; what he tries to transmit to us is the fact that every company, major enterprise needs to be held into a process of change. Not by obligation or by decision; butby requirement. Not actualizing in a world of constant change; is one of the mayor causes why services, companies, technological systems are being burned out, sort of speak.

The key is to summitcompanies into a hole new restructuration progress; in order to make it extremely efficient; competitive ; being able to stay in course, enduring and growing their economy each time more.

Inorder to understand we need to ask us – why are waves of process managements coming and falling through times? Well; if you think about the answer is kind of logic. It´s because their outdoors; theenvironments; the scope that surround us; which is the same that surrounds companies.
All this demands a process management change over a certain period of time.

Good thing humans are capable ofcoming up with new ideas. This is by nature the best way to fight competition. Especially when today, being placed in the twenty-first century we are all ready being embraced by the four wave of processmanagement. Taking into account that the first wave of process management according to Paul King was born during the 1980s. This was just a few years ago ; thirty years to be precise. So being in thefour wave already in from the 1980s till today is a very short period and a very fast way of changing.

Well; the main trigger of this constant changes has been attributed to technology.
Is notsomething bad ; In fact I would say technology is a very important roll in societies and companies. It optimizes production process ; elevates quality ; makes it easier for analyzing every sector andwidens process boundaries to control more links.

Therefore when there is a new technological advance is the contemporary companies the once that should see in advance if that technological advance...
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