Four weddings and a funeral

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  • Publicado : 27 de septiembre de 2010
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Four weddings and a funeral
• Characters:
 Charles: main character of the book, he is funny and he is searching for true love
 Scarlett: an extravagant woman, she lives with Charles
 Carrie: apretty American woman, she have had a lot of relationships
 David: Charles’ brother, he is deaf
 Fiona: she’s a very rich woman, she is in love with Charles, but he doesn’t know
 Tom: Fiona’sbrother he’s a goofy man
 Henrietta: Charles’ exgirlfriend that wants to marry him
 Gareth: Charles’ friend, he has an accident in the book
 Mathew: he is Gareth’s boyfriend
 Serena: a youngwoman that starts to fall in love with David
 Bernard: Tom’s friend
 Lydia: she was the bridesmaid at the first wedding, then she marries Bernard
This book is about Charles a British man and allhis friends, some of them and Charles are looking for true love. Scarlett and Charles are always late at the weddings. The first wedding they went was the one of Angus and Laura, in that weddingCharles met Carrie, and he felt in love with her, they started to have an affair, but Carrie had to return to America.
The second wedding they assisted was the one of Bernard and Lydia, who met at thefirst wedding. In that wedding David and Serena met and they spent the night talking. Everything was going bad because Charles was with a lot of his exgirlfriends at the same table. Charles met withCarrie, but he’s upset because she introduced him to her fiancé Hamish, an Scottish man. No matter what they spent the night together again.
Charles received the invitation of Hamish and Carrie’swedding. He went to a fancy store to se if he can buy something nice for Carrie’s wedding, in that store was Carrie. They went to see brides’ dresses, and they spent the afternoon talking about theirrelationships. Charles told Carrie that he thinks he is in love. They spent the nigh together again.
The fourth wedding was from Hamish and Carrie everyone was invited including Charles’ friends....
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