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  • Publicado : 30 de enero de 2012
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Last week I was watching on the TV a documental about pollution, it said that the world is getting, more and more polluted over the years, and it is something to worry about, because weare contaminating the place where we live, so that’s not fair. Few days ago I thought ‘’Why the government does something to make recycling more usual in the community?’’ But then I realize that thecity has no culture for recycling, the majority only throws the trash without separating it; but the people that does separate the garbage, the people that pick up the trash throws it in the same place.Recycling is the best idea for materials you have and you don’t want them anymore, like glass, paper, metal, plastic, textiles, electronics, and food or garden waste. The planet is getting moreconscious about recycling, but not all of us. A good idea for the city to be cleaner is that the government to built Drop-off centers, so interested people could go to drop their recyclable trash there;it would be a great inversion, a little expensive but efficient.
Another cheaper way to make the citizens recycle is to give a kind of recycling bins to all Tampico-Madero so they can separate thetrash, and maybe the people that work picking-up the trash would leave them in a special place.
Although many government programs are concentrated on recycling at home, a large portion of waste isgenerated by industry. So in the companies it would be nice that they start recycle programs inside them, so the workers separate the materials that they are not using anymore, and they are recyclable,to put them together an thame them to a drop-off center
People in other countries recycle more the glass, lumber, wood pulp, and papers; in some places of the country you could find some drop-offcenters to take your trash to recycle them. Making this activity is a nice way for making money, even though they don’t give you the biggest amount of money, it doesn’t matter, because you’re helping...
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