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  • Publicado : 1 de junio de 2011
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France has many regions, each with its own traditional dress. There is a national costume for France. The costumes are based on the clothing of the late 19th century inrural areas of that region, as the 20th century produced a great deal of change, traditional dress quickly fell into disuse, only to be used for special occasions.
These suits were brought by theancestors. Women wear a nice dress, and men wear a long sleeve shirt with a vest or a jacket.
The women wear headdresses; also use many accessories with lace. Paris is famous because of the beret, forboth men and women. And of course the costumes of the era of kings very brazen and skirts.
Also works a blue-striped shirt and white, with a beret and a handkerchief tied around his neck.


There are many famous French people so here we are going to introduce you some of them:

Gaspard Ulliel is an actor, he is one of those hot but very kind ones, and everyone was inshock when he did Hannibal Lecter!

Audrey Tautou is an actress; she is a very cute woman and she got famous when she did the principal role on ‘’Amelie’’. Then she did ‘The Davinci Code’

ClémencePoésy she is an actress; she got famous when she did a role on ‘’Harry Potter’’.

So those are some of the principal famous people from France.

France is one of the oldest statesin Europe, but France only appears with this name from the middle Ages at a date difficult to determine irrefutably. Fully recognizes the historical background of Gaul as France, while Gaul was in aEuropean area slightly larger than France today.
European hegemonic wars in France tried to impose it several times and at different times had to deal with most of Europe (separately or together as acounterweight to French expansionism). So it was with Charlemagne (Charles I, "The Great") in the ninth century, Louis XIV ("The Sun King") in the seventeenth century, and Napoleon Bonaparte...
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