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First person: good afternoon on a new edition of our program we bring you the best information about travels
Second person: today we have a special program of france.
Third person: we have information about the attractions, dining, hotels and incredible promotion

Fp : France is known to the whole world for its rich culture and heritage. And no wonder, it has got an effect on the touristattractions in France as well. France is the home to some of the most beautiful cities and tourist attractions in the world.
With good beaches, impressive cities like Paris, incredible scenic views and monuments, France makes one of the most visited countries in the world. Besides, it also makes a pleasant place to plan your stay. Be it great wines or good food, France will in no way disappoint you.Notre Dame Church, The Eiffel Tower, galleries and museums, beach sports, houseboat cruises, island tours, water sports, winter sports in the Pyrenees and Alps are some of the popular tourist attractions in France. The vineyards and rolling slopes of Champagne, the historical locations of Strasbourg and Lorraine, the farmlands of Normandy, the green pastures, the Gothic cathedrals, the churchesand chateaux in the Auvergne city, the grand palaces and French Alps are some other destinations that you may want to visit on your trip to France. Paris too offers a myriad of tourists attractions including the renowned Eiffel tower, Disneyland Paris, Notre Dam Cathedral, Louvre Museum to name a few. Art and historical lovers can always go in for Marseille and Lyon. Similarly, adventurous peoplecan always go in for mountain ranges, beaches and rivers. The cities of Nice, St. Topez and Cannes serve as a host to some of the finest beaches known for their chic culture and glamour.
Sp: Top Attractions in France

Fontainebleau Forest and Castle-
Recognized as a hunting forest, Fontainebleau has been favored by the France kings since the sixteenth century. The kings also came up with someof the greatest castles during the same era. Francois 1er constructed some of the marvelous Renaissance castle in the sixteenth century. The castle was also favored by King Napoleon. The forest makes a perfect destination for those willing to escape the bustling city of Paris. You may also combine Fontainebleau with the well known Vaux le Vicomte castle and Barbizon village close by.
– If you are eyeing on an exotic family vacation, then don’t forget to add Disneyland Paris to your list. A top destination in Europe, it comprises of seven themed hotels, two theme parks (Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park), Disney village and Golf Disneyland. Though the fact cannot be denied that this isn’t the most chic destination in France, but then, it definitely offers anopportunity to make the parents and kids happy.
Notre Dame de Paris-
Also recognized as Notre Dame Cathedra, the Notre Dame de Paris is a gothic, catholic cathedral. It was amongst the first buildings to make use of the arched exterior supports or flying buttress.
Château de Versailles Gardens-
this luxurious Hall of Mirrors is haunted by the ghosts of the royal family. The gardens aredecorated with hundreds of statues spread around a couple of remarkable fountains. If you want to see fountains dancing in tune with the music, then make sure to arrive way ahead. In general, the performance begins from 11 pm. The rustic Petit Trianon and the pink marble Grand Trianon are some of the other attractions of these gardens. Nearly 36,000 people were employed so as to construct the palace.The construction began in 1660 and Jules Hardouin-Mansart and Louis LeVau completed it by 1685. the only way to believe the striking features of this palace is by planning in for a self visit. Versailles, besides being a marvelous garden is also known for its palatial center.
Pompidou center-
This is one of the most striking buildings of Paris. Italy based Renzo Piano and UK based Richard...