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Coordinación de Lenguas Extranjeras Course Title: INTERMEDIATE ENGLISH A Course Aims: By the end of this course the students will be able to:
     Exchange personal and non-personal information Talk about views, feelings, and wishes Write descriptions of physical appearances, places, objects and experiences. Understand short and slow everyday conversations in standard English Read shorttexts about familiar topics such as parents, food, technology and vacations.

Textbook: American Inside Out (Green) DATE 10 – 14 UNIT 1 TOPIC Images LANGUAGE FUNCTIONS AUGUST Talking about famous events from the twentieth century and discussing self image (the way you dress and look) Describing embarrassing situations you have had with your parents and the relationship between them, you and yourboyfriend / girlfriend A review on money facts, talking about your most cherished possession GRAMMAR  Review of verb structures and auxiliary verbs  Tag questions / short answers  Indirect questions  Different combinations of a verb (+ infinitive, +ing form, +preposition, etc) depending on the purpose of your message  Learning the use of phrasal verbs  Using unreal conditionals to talk aboutwhat would you do in a particular situation  Verb + noun combinations to improve the use of language

17 – 21



24 – 28






7 – 11



14 – 18 (Holiday on Sep 16) 21 – 25





28 Sep – 2 Oct

August 31st : 1st Partial Exam SEPTEMBER Discussing about health issues  Learning expressions and words usedfor and diets, learning how to give body ailments and giving advice on how to advice on them treat them, also using idioms with parts of the body A talk on common situations and  Using will, would and used to in order to topics in life, such as soccer, life talk about present and past habits habits, weddings and marriage.  The use of present continuous when Also talking about pet peeves talkingabout annoying habits A discussion of how technologies  Present perfect and present perfect (such as cell phones, computers continuous: how to use them to ask about and videogames) affect our life. situations the other people may have experienced Vacations and tourism, this  Using reporting verbs such as inform that, includes questions on where did mention that, etc to talk about instructions youspend your vacations as a given on the past child  Learning how to build adjectives REVIEW OCTOBER October 5th: 2nd Partial Exam

DATE 6–9


TOPIC Attraction

LANGUAGE FUNCTIONS Talking about facts related to beauty, personal definitions of attractiveness, dating and relationships

12 – 16



19 – 23



The analysis of some creative works, such aspaintings, monuments, buildings, inventions, etc Advertising and the media: your thoughts on how companies use different ways (TV, Newspapers, etc) to promote their products. Education: talking about past experiences on school and your future expectations (Work) NOVEMBER November 2nd - Holiday Giving some anecdotes of your house, describing a person through how their room looks, talking aboutbreakfast REVIEW

26 – 30



GRAMMAR  The use of passive report structures (it is thought that / believed that) to talk about uncertain information  Using suffixation and compound adjectives to describe a persons appearance and character  Narrative tenses (those are used to talk about stories).  Words and expressions used when describing an artwork  Learning about cleftsentences (those that are separated with …) to create emphasis.  Words and expressions related to advertisement and those that are used to give an opinion about it  Using expressions to talk about the future (it’s likely to, it’s expected to)  Future forms, how present tense is used after when and if

3– 6 Nov



 Description and use of quantifiers and determiners  Learning...
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