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If we were talking about France surface, this country would be the number one in Europe, this because starts on North sea and finish when we arrive to the Mediterranean, France also have the tallest peak that would be in the Alpes of Mont Blanc
In Francethey wereborntoopeople who influencedthe history ofEurope,such asBlaisePascalfor mathematics,literatureVoltairetoMonetfor artamong many
Inother respects, France is also distinguished by its good taste, this can be seen in his cuisine this, because French food is one of the most sophisticated food in the world
France belongs to the European Union, in fact France was one of the countries that founded in 1952 by Robert Schuman and the treaty was signed in the capital of France, Paris.
To this day France has a territory of 550 000 km ²and a total of 64.3 million of persons. (
In France, its economy is very solid, its currency is the euro. In this country the main sources of income are in industries such as automotive electronics and especially in fashion, this because France also receives the name of the cradle of fashion, this is where great artists are held designs and walkways with which the world is governed.
InFrance its official language is French, but as in every country in some areas have their variant like Castilian and Italian.
In France, they are govern by a democracy, every five years elections are held for president of the republic this is wrapped in an important political role, as it is responsible for all internal and external affairs
As is known, France is a country that is considered aworld power, in fact it is the sixth country. One of his great incomes in the economy is tourism and above all the city of Paris is the first tourist destination worldwide.
As already mentioned France has the fifth country in the world economically speaking, because it is before United States Germany and China, but if we speak only of Europe, France would be placed on second place.Although, we can mark that its rate of growth since 2004 has been quite irregular, 78% of incomes in this country are based on service economy, 20% in industrial activity and 2% in agriculture. (
According to the World Trade Organization: "France in the 6 th largest exporter in the world, the third at European level and the 5th power importer globally and the second at the Europeanlevel" in other words, France is considered to be about 4% of all trade around the world.
Data from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) French exportations rose in 2011 to 411mil million and imports to 466mil millions of theseAnother major income for France is the tourism, this is because it is the country that most foreigners come to, according to the French embassy inMexico, France receives approximately 75 million tourists a year, making them a gain of around 66mil million per year. figures: 64% of exports are exclusive for the European Union.
What attractsforeigners toinvest inFrance?
On the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) they talk about, which for many foreigners, France is one of the best countries to invest after unitedkingdom, united states and china. With this, France achieved an increase of 7300 million in 2007, as a result of this, France had a sharp rise in job vacancies, as more companies established in France , too many jobs were generated.
France, because of the global crisis a few years ago, spent much money on anti-cyclical plan, as a resulting of this France had a decline in tax revenues.
According toPascualMaccioni "France accumulate 1457mil million euros, which is equivalent to 75.8% of GDP and public debt"
As in Mexico, France is governed by a constitution, which has the name of the Fifth Republic Constitution, this was approved in September 1958 and arranged in May 1969 but then there were other variations on it, until reach 1974. In this constitution they wrote about the rights...
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