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The Marseillaise
Let us go, children of the fatherland,
That now is the day of glory
The bloody flag of tyranny
It is already up against us (repeat)
Do not you hearroaring through the countryside
To these fierce soldiers?
Well come to slay
Our children and our wives

To arms, citizens!
Form your battalions!
Leave, leave,
Let impure blood
Soak ourfurrows.

What do they want this horde of slaves,
Of traitors and conspiratorial kings?
Who are these vile shackles
and these chains
Time has prepared? (Aa)
For us French! Oh, what an outrage! (Aa)What we should excite rapture!
It is we who seek to plunge
Back in the old slavery
What! Suffer these foreign troops
Enacted the law in our homes,
And that these mercenary phalanxes
Overcome ourbrave warriors? (Aa)
Great God! Chained our hands,
We should crush the foreheads under the yoke!
The masters of our fate
They would not be more than a vile despots.
Tremble! tyrants, and you,perfidious,
Shame of all parties!
Tremble! Your parricidal projects
Will finally receive his punishment. (Aa)
They are all soldiers to fight you.
If our heroes die.
France produce other new
Readyto annihilate.
Frenchmen, as magnanimous warriors
Suffer or hold back your blows!
Forgive these poor victims
Against his will arm themselves against us.
But these bloody despots
But theseaccomplices of Bouillé
All these tigers who mercilessly
Rend the heart of his mother ...
We walked on the road
When our ancestors no longer exist;
They find its ashes
And the mark of their virtues.(Aa)
We will not be so keen to follow
As part of his tomb;
We will have the sublime pride
To avenge them or follow them!
Sacred love of country,
Drive and support our arms
Freedom,freedom dear,
Fight with your defenders (ga)
That victory under your flag go
Hearing your manly accents!
That your dying enemies
See your triumph and our glory!


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