Francis drake

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Born: 1540 Died: 1596

Relevantinformation about his/her life
He was the first English who navegated around the world and he took part in the war aganist Spain. Besides, he was named “Sir” by the queen Eizabeth I.

HISTORICAL CONTEXTIt was the moment of the empire in the Elizabethan reign. In that period took place the war aganist the spanish army. The English were better prepared and better fighting, so they won the war and theSpanish armada was destroyed
In that moment also were some fights in Ireland because they wanted to be independent.


Francis Drake was born in 1540 in Devon. He was the first oftwelve children,and because of the Prayer Book Rebellion, he and his family had to move to Chadhom, in Kent.
In 1563 he started selling slaves( they were going to work in the New World) from Africato the Spanish colonies in the Caribbean so they (he and some members of his family)had a conflict with the authorities of Spain. Between 1570 and 1571 Francis Drake made two expeditions to the WestIndies.
In 1577 he took part of the attack of the Spanish ships and then after winning the fight he travel to the west Indies.
Elisabeth I ordered him to attack the Spanish colonies in the pacificocean, with this mission he became the first English who navigated around the world. He arrived with a lot of treasures and spices from the Spanish so Elisabeth I named him “Sir”. Besides, he was partof the Parliament.
He also went in more expeditotions for the Queen Elizabeth( he passed through Molucas, Java...).
In 1585, Drake decided to go to the West Indies and Florida and he “destroyed”andplundered the cities which belonged to his enemy, Spain.
He died around 1596, in Panama,in Portobelo to be precise. He was considered a pirate for the Spanish, but the english people considered...
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