Francisco de goya

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Francisco de Goya

Goya was an artist who comes from one of the most interesting periods of the European and Spanish art time. He was born in Zaragoza in 1746 devoting his entirelife to the art of painting. After a life full of travelling and experience he died in Bordeaux in 1828.

The painter was much linked to contemporary politics, and thanks to hisfriendly and confident attitude, he worked for the reign of power. He was always surrounded by political leaders (the monarchy) and he learned how to show a neutral politic position inhis works. The artist was very careful about his political ideas but as the time progressed he started to show in his works the democratic values.

The compositions of Goya arecharacterized by its simplicity, the power to communicate and move the spectators. He liked landscape paintings and became the first modern landscape painter of the times. The newnessof his work was that the artist portrayed the rough, inhospitable, harsh, and real views of the Spanish countryside; for example the desert landscape of “Castile”. Each portraitreveals a different story which shows with an incredible precision the attitude of the characters as can be drama, intelligence, disappointment… He also liked to contrast the differentmoods as fear and passion, crimes and heroism, cruelty and love, tenderness and hat…

During the passage of time, Goya changed the landscape theme for the “horrors of war” and thefreedom of people. He denounced in his works the children labor, the female prostitution, or the male fascism. Even if the artist tried to keep his political ideas for his friendsand familiars and away from the public, he starts to show his democratic values in his works.

Later, when Goya came to Madrid he began to paint baroque canvas and Roman antiquities.
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