Francisco franco

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  • Publicado : 7 de diciembre de 2010
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Francisco Franco Bahamonde
Spanish dictator (1939-1975)

• Francisco Franco Bahamonde (1892-1975) was born in La Coruña (Spain) but during his dictatorship he lived at Madrid,capital of Spain, and going on vacation to his Meirás´ Casttle (in his natural area, La Coruña). That casttle was one of the multiple casttle that he had.
• He got the power proclaminghimself Chief of State after win the Spanish Civil War caused with a coup d´etat wich failed. He had the power for 36 years.
• Laws, decrees... every single decision was made byhimself, don´t listening even his political elite. Just personal decision.
• His regimen was totalitarism at the begining turning in a dictatorship. His family as he said was :themilitary, the Church and La Falange (his political party).
• Censures, propaganda and education was the three main key points to have absolute control over the Spanish Society.
• 500000 ejecutions during the Franquismo (we call the years which he was in this dictatorship) + 270 000 people at prision with infrahumans conditions.
• Economic represion to theoppositors of Franco were very usual
• Corruption in his government causing under nourishment and diseases that caused at least 200 000 deads over the rate of mortality before the war.
•A lot of people emigranted during his dictatorship, specially to Argentina (South America) or Switzerland (Europe). Some of them in political exile. Most poeths and intellectuals were onexile or ejecuted because his publications didn´t pass the censure.
• Spain had and has 4 official languages, Spanish is the common one to whole territory. Euskera, Catalan andGalician were prohibited. You could get in trouble if you speak it, even if you didn´t know Spanish like a lot of people did. Doing that they try to get the Nationalism in people´s mind.
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