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|Asignatura: Reading skills |Worksheet on the book “Frankenstein”.|
|Docente: Claudio Cerda Monreal | |

Points for understanding.

Chapter 1.

1.- When wasVictor Frankenstein born? Where?
2.- How old was Victor when his little brother was born?
3.- Who was Elizabeth?
4.- Why did Frankenstein want to learn about human life?
5.- Who was Henry Clerval6.- Where did Frankenstein go to study?

Chapter 2

1.- What did he want to learn most of all?
2.- Why people were afraid of Frankenstein?
3.- What kind of man did Frankenstein want to make?
4.-Where did the wires that Frankenstein join to the head, feet and hands go?
5.- What had happened when the lightning hit the roof?

Chapter 3

1.- What had happened to Frankenstein house andlaboratory?
2.- What was Henry Clerval going to study at Heidelburg?
3.- What did Frankenstein decide to do?
4.- What terrible news did Frankenstein receive fron Geneva?
5.- What had happended inthatb small village where Frankenstein sateyed the night?
6.- Who had Killed Frankenstein’s brother?

Chapter 4

1.- “She is guilty, we know she killed William”
a.- Why did people think the youngwoman had murdered William?
b.- Where was she now?
c.- What was going to happen at 10 o’clock?
2.- Why did Frankenstein think that he was a murderer?
3.- Where did Frankenstein go?
4.- What didthe monster ask Frankenstein to do?

Chapter 5

1.- How did the monster find out that he was so ugly?
2.- How had the monster learned Frankenstein’s name?
3.- What promise had the monster madeto himself?
4.- Why was the old man not afraid of the monster?
5.- What had happened when the young people saw the monster?
6-. One day, the monster met a child.
a.- Why did he go to the child?...
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