Frank gehry

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  • Publicado : 17 de enero de 2012
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Frank Gehry is one of the most famous architects in our times he was born in 1929 in Toronto(Canada) his parents emigrated from Poland and raised him into an artistic environment.Very soon he started showing interest in architecture. Encouraged by his family in his childhood he used to built model cities using pieces of wood and recycled materials.
In his early twenties hemoved to California to study at the University of Southern California, in the mean time he was working as a truck driver to pay for his studies. After graduating there he studied in Harvard for oneyear and got his degree in City planning.
Currently he lives in Santa Monica.

Most of the Gehry´s works are considered deconstructivist.
Some of his most popular works are the GuggenheimMuseum in Bilbao, Walt Disney´s Studios in Hollywood,The Dancing House in Prague and the Winery in La Rioja.
Curves and the use of metallic pieces which reflects the light in many ways are often foundin his constructions, when being in front of a building designed by him you cant avoid asking yourself some questions about gravity and the real weight of materials, some of his constructions seem tobe as light as paper,even when they are made of titanium.

“With buildings you can touch people”, said Gehry in an interview.
Together with other architects such as Santiago Calatrava havechanged the way we look not only to the buildings but to the architects nowadays, they used to be only engineers and now their works are considered pieces of art as they were conceived not only to beuseful but to be admired and transmit feelings and the authors are celebrities part of the star system. In Gehry´s opinion this fact has helped to approach the architecture to people who has now moreknowledge about it than ever.
Even if architecture has been known as an art is now more than ever when architects are considered artists and not only builders.
In his own words his works are created...
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