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2010 – 2011

Revised: xx/xx/xxxx
The Five Steps of Annual Troop Program Planning 2
Troop Vision for the Current Year 3
Summary 3
Developers 3
Troop Objectives 4Objective 1: 4
Objective 2: 4
Objective 3: 4
Objective 4: 4
Objective 5: 4
Service Projects 5
Fundraisers 5
Troop Program 5
Appendix 1: Leadership and Roster 6
Appendix 2: Calendar 7

1 TheFive Steps of Annual Troop Program Planning

1. Do your homework. The Scoutmaster (SM) in conjunction with the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) create a preliminary calendar with important datesalready entered. They would consider District and Council activities, the school(s) calendar and church, community and charter organization activities. They would then draw up a general outline of theannual program taking into account suggestions from the patrols and typical goals from prior years. They would also use Troop Program Features to develop available options for the troop. This outline wouldbe flexible since the final details will be ascertained at the Annual Planning Conference.

2. Get patrol input. The SPL shares the general outline with the patrol leaders. The patrol leaders thenshare it with their patrols and record their feedback including new ideas.

3. Hold a planning conference. This is the heart of the planning process. In attendance will be the Patrol Leaders Council(PLC), SM and Assistant Scoutmasters (ASM). They will start the conference by reviewing the conference methods and objectives. They will then develop the troop vision for the year, troop goals andcalendar. In the process they will select program features and ensure that items such as courts of honor, recruitment and service projects are included.

4. Consult with the Troop Committee. The SPLand SM will present the proposed program to the troop committee and ask for their support. If the committee has suggestions for revisions, the plan would go back to the PLC for approval. The...
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