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Frankenstein is a novel by Mary Shelley in which she creates a character that reflects her childhood and way of life. She composes a story creepy enough to become a bestseller and to be read almosttwo centuries later. Mary lives a life full of tragedies, which reflect her sufferings on her bestseller. In Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, Victor and the monster become more similar as the novel goeson, one can’t differentiate who is more monsters.
Victor is obsessed with the idea of creating life; he tries to compete with god. He decides to pursue his studies in science and natural philosophy.Armed with knowledge, Victor spends months creating a creature out of old body parts. When he catches a look at the monstrosity he has created, he abandons the creature, doesn’t take care nor nourishthe monster. The monster acts against Victor because of his lack of attention. Both of the characters share the same desires; they desire a friendly nature, a family and a woman who is seen as theultimate companion, someone who provides comfort and acceptance. Elizabeth helps Victor alleviate his guilty conscience and provides him joy. The monster looks for a female of his kind to alleviate hisawful existence. Each eventually destroys the other's love and change their women status from desire to object of revenge.

Both Victor and the monster do damage to each other. They seek eachother’s revenge. Victor and the monster stand in opposition to each other. From Victors point of view, the monster is just a hideous and evil creature who has dedicated to make his life miserable by killinghis brother, friend, and wife; but one can see how the monster thinks, feels and is an emotional being. Victor describes the monster and focuses on it’s absolute evil, but one can understand that themonsters reaction is a result of his emotional circumstances since the very beginning of the story. One can try to justify his actions.
The monster sees himself as “ I, the miserable and the...
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