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❖ Mr. Alphonse Frankenstein of Geneva
❖ Mrs. Frankenstein his wife
❖ Victor their eldest son
❖ Ernest their second son
❖ William their youngest son
❖ ElizabethLavenza their adopted daughter
❖ Henry Clerval victor’s friend
❖ Justine Moritz a girl who lives with the
Frankenstein family
❖ Professor Waldman victor’s chemistryteacher at
❖ De lacey a blind man, exiled from France
❖ Felix his son
❖ Agatha his daughter
❖ Safiea Turkish girl in love with Felix

Captain Robert Walton’s story
August 15th – August 18th 1757, in the arctic

Caught in the ice!

Letter from Captain Robert Walton, arctic explorer, to his sister, Margaret Saville

Friday,August 15th 1757
Such a strange accident has happened to us! I cannot wait to tell you about it. But you will probably see me before this letter arrives. Last Monday. August 11th, The Sea froze all around our ship and we could not move. There was fog so thick that it was dangerous even to try to move. When the fog cleared, we could see nothing but ice in every direction.
My men were veryfrightened.
Suddenly, we saw something strange. A team of dogs appeared pulling a sledge fast across the snow. Something, which looked like a man but much bigger, was sitting in the sledge and guiding the dogs. Then they all disappeared in the distance.
Until then, we had believed our ship was hundreds of miles from land. Now, we were not so sure. Of course, we could not follow the sledge because of theice.
Two hours later, it was dark. The ice broke up and we were free. But there were still large pieces of ice in the water around the ship so it was too dangerous to move before daylight.

On Tuesday, I got up at first light. I found my seamen talking to someone in the sea. It was a young man. He was in another sledge on a piece of ice which was near the ship.

(Here’s our captain) a seamansaid. (He won’t let you die in the sea).
The stranger spoke English with a foreign accent. Before I come onto your ship, he said tell me where you’re going’.
You can imagine my surprise at the question from a traveler in his dangerous situation!
We are marking a journey of discovery to the North Pole, I replied.
Then I’ll come with you, the stranger said. The man looked ready to collapse. Hisarms and legs were almost frozen and his body was terribly thin. We kept him warm and gave him food. He did not speak again until Thursday, two days later.
He is an interesting man; sometimes his eyes look wild, even mad… at other times. He can be sweet and gentle, thinking us for our kindness. But often he seems to be very sad and very angry with himself.
I wondered what had made my mysteriousguest come to this wild region all alone.
Why did you travel so far on the sledge? I asked when he was trying to find someone who has run away from me, he answered, with the saddest expression on his face.
And was that person traveling in the same way- on a sledge? I asked.
Yes, he was.
Then I think we’re seen him, I said. On Monday, the day before we found you, we saw some dogs pulling a...
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